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How to Pick the Perfect Shingle Color – Denver Colorado

When it comes to choosing shingles, you need to take into consideration the colors that you want to make use of. The shingle colors do not only have an aesthetic value, they can also have a great impact on your overall satisfaction. For instance, the color of shingles can influence the temperature as well as energy efficiency of the home.

Discussed in this blog are the factors that need to be considered when choosing colors for your shingles.

Consider the Climate
The climate in which the house is located is very important when determining the perfect roof shingle color. Dark colors absorb more heat. Thus, if you live in areas with cold climate, you can opt for shingles with darker colors since they will keep you warmer inside. However, if you live in a warm climate, you need bright and light colored shingles. These reflect heat and keep the interior of the home cooler during the summer months.

Choose the Right Combinations
Although color can have a great impact on the energy efficiency of the home, it can also have a huge aesthetic impact. You need to consider darker bends to help contrast your doors, windows as well as other architectural elements of the home. You can also use lighter color blends to make the home appear larger. It is advisable to stick with neutral colors such as brown, tan, gray, white and black because they will not clash with any paint job present on the house.

Consider Complimentary and Contrasting Shingles
The color used for the house’s paint job affects the choice of shingle colors. Complementary shingles are shingles with colors that are similar to the house, while contrasting shingles are different, like black shingles used over a white paint job. If you need to blend your roof into the siding or brick beneath, it is advisable to go for complementary colors.
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