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Insurance Claims during a Hailstorm in Denver Colorado

The roof of a home must be physically inspected by a trained professional to determine the damage when an actual hail storm occurs. Insurance companies often send their trained adjusters to for this purpose. The bitter truth is that insurance companies are not on your side.

When damage occurs, tiny granules of a roof will be missing. With time, the damage becomes worse and reduces the lifespan of the roof. Irrespective of the degree of damage caused to your roof by hail, you have a valid insurance claim and should seek help from your insurance company.

So, what should be done if your roof is damaged by hail and you want to file an insurance claim? You need to check the insurance policy of your home and ensure that you are covered. Once this is done, call your insurance agent. They will begin the whole process and will direct an adjuster to pay you a visit and inspect the roof.

You also need to get in touch with a roofing contractor so that you can get an estimate on replacement. It’s better to have the roofing contractor visit first to verify that you have hail damage.

Once the adjuster visits, he or she will take pictures and will direct you with next steps in the process. Some adjusters can give you a quote meant for your settlement right away while others may take time (up to a few weeks).
If the adjuster feels there is no significant damage to your roof, then your roofing contractor needs to speak with them. An important issue that should be noted is to ensure that the adjuster is licensed and insured.

Also, if you have not experienced any hail storm (or you don’t remember any) and you are approached by a roofing contractor to get a new roof, don’t be deceived into thinking that you will be given one if no damage occurred.

If there is a damage and the insurance company refuses to honor your claim, denies your claim or wants to pay you below what you deserve, get in touch with My Denver Roofers for a free consultation.


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