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How to protect your roof from extreme heat

Summer is here and with it has come blazing heat and strong solar rays. Although your roof may have the capability of withstanding the heat, its lifespan can be shortened by being bombarded with heat and sunshine constantly. Here at Denver Roofers LLC, we have nearly every time of roof damage possible. Roof damage due to the sun and heat can be extreme. A home using a shingle roof is more vulnerable to the scorching summer heat. In this article, we discuss how heat affects the roof.

When the roof is continuously exposed to the scorching summer heat, the shingles on the roof can start decaying. New shingles can however withstand this condition. It’s the older shingles that may be prone to decay. Decaying shingles often look rotten, thereby affecting the look of the building. They can also start having a crippling look. If you notice signs that show that your shingles are decaying, then it’s time to repair such roofs to halt further damage.

Warping occurs when the shingles on the roof start curling or bending upwards as a result of intense heat. This effect is also common in older shingles since they are easily affected by prolonged exposure to heat and sun. Warping becomes more pronounced with increased intensity of the sunlight. Thus, it is important to give Denver Roofers LLC a call once you notice any signs of warping on your roof.

Shingles can also start to crack due to intense heat and sun rays. This type of crack is due to increased tension in the shingles. Cracks observed in shingles should be repaired as soon as they are noticed. If this is not done, it can lead to further damage to the roof decking which can lead to increased cost of repair.

Are you noticing any signs of damage to your roof due to intense heat and sun? Here at Denver Roofers LLC, our roofing experts have the expertise needed to offer the exact repair that your roof needs so that it can handle the brutal summer heat.  Although your roof may have the capability of withstanding the heat, its lifespan can be shortened by being beaten down by the constant heat and sunshine.


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