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How to Frame a Deck – Denver Colorado

When it comes to framing a deck, you need to start by installing the ledger board to serve as a reference for the rest of the deck. This is then followed by installing the frost footings. Once these are done, you need to frame the perimeter of the deck by making use of temporary supports. The order that needs to be followed in framing the deck will be dictated by the design of the deck.

It is important to plan appropriately so that a smooth building process can be obtained. Highlighting the individual forms on the plan will make it easier to select the proper place to start. It is ideal to start the framing process against the house since the ledger board provides a stationary surface, as well as length, to pull measurements from, and also attach joists to. Also, ensure you finish one section of your deck before you proceed to the next if your deck will change elevations. The final steps that you will encounter in framing your deck are the stairs and landings.

The whole process is summarized below:

Make a Plan
Before getting the hammer, you need to consider some things before you build your new deck. Ensure you seek council approval, check for any underground cable and pipe, and also decide on the design of your deck. These are some of the things that you need to put into consideration.

Measure And Set Out The Deck
Once you are through with the planning phase, you need to set out your deck. This is a crucial phase since your deck could end disastrously if your measurements are wrong. Ensure that the height of your deck is square.

Install The Stumps And Bearers
This stage commences the building phase of the deck. It involves building strong foundation for the deck by starting with the stumps and bearers.

Install The Joists
Once the bearers and stumps are in place, you need to install the joists. The joists are the beams that help in supporting the decking boards.

Lay the Decking
This is the final step of framing your deck and marks the completion of the whole process. The whole steps involved in laying the decking boards can be discovered in this video.


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