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DIY (Do It Yourself) Roof Repair

One of the most important home repairs is the maintenance of an efficient and effective roof.

This is because of the warmth it provides for the family as well as the protection it offers. Once any form of damage is noticed, immediate action should be taken in order to prevent water from seeping under the shingles, thereby rotting the wood sheathing below. Ignoring problems like these can lead to the complete replacement of a roof.

If there’s a part of the shingle missing, the whole shingle will need to be replaced.

The first thing to do is to see if there is any leftover shingles from the previous work that was done on the roof. If there are no leftovers, then a new bundle can be bought at a home center or lumberyard.

A hammer, flat pry bar, 11/4 inches roofing nails as well as a utility knife are needed to repair a damaged shingle. Each shingle is held with four nails, with the next shingle course above being installed. The nails also pass through the top of the shingles located in the course below.

Start by removing the first row of nails. This can be done by sliding the pry bar beneath the shingle located immediately above the shingle that is damaged. Then, lift it gently so that it can be free from the sealer strip. With this, you will be able to see the first row of nails below.

After the step above, slip the pry bar below the damaged shingle, then pry upward. Immediately after the nail comes up about ¼ inch, remove the pry bar. Pull out the nail by pressing down the shingle. This procedure can be repeated for the three nails that are left. Once the eight nails are removed, pull out the damaged shingle.

If the shingles you’re working on are brittle, you cannot pry out the second row of nails since the shingle will be cracked. In this case, you need to tear out the damaged shingle and cut V-notches. This should fit around the four nails.

The corners of asphalt shingles begin to curl downward or upward as they get older. If this is noticed, the curled section can be glued down. A caulking gun can be used to apply a roofing sealant under the curling corner. The corner can then be weighed down with a brick and left for at least 24 hours so that the sealant can dry.

If you have a cracked or torn shingle, you need to repair it. Apply a roofing sealant under the crack. Then press down on the shingle and apply another sealant on top of the crack. You can then spread the sealant with a putty knife. For the purpose of camouflage, gather colored granules that washed down the roof from the shingles, and sprinkle them over the sealant.

The repairs discussed here will save you from having to replace your entire roof, which is often capital intensive. It will also keep your roof sound for years. If the project is more than your comfortable doing yourself, give Denver Roofers a call today!


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    Thank you for creating this easy-to-do DIY roof repair. I appreciate it. I am looking forward to your next content!

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